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One of the oldest professions in the Netherlands (no I'm not talking red light district here). It's the craftsmanship of clog making!

For Kooijman Souvenirs & Clogs we were asked to create their brand new storytelling website. A beautiful task as it involved so many parameters to take into mind.

Technically the site had to be fast, responsive and multi lingual as it truly has a world wide audience.

Design and art direction wise we wanted to be able to almost smell the wood. And it had to tell their family story and convey their passion for the craftsmanship of wooden shoes. With such a great heritage to rely on it really was a pleasure to design and build this website.

In close collaboration with Tjasker Design.

Kooijman Souvenirs & Clogs

what we did:
Storytelling, Art Direction, Web design, Development

Rik Braune